The home inventory software truly recommended by home insurance agents!

Safe Catalog is software that allows you to keep your home or office inventory safe. Now you can keep information about your inventory serial numbers, prices, condition, warranties in one place. It is very easy to manage, sort and group items for many different locations. It's very useful for insurance items, or just general organization. Now you don't need to remember when, where, and for how much, any item was purchased. Now it's all kept in the one place, however unique online backup function making your data absolutely safe in case of any emergencies!

“It's a very useful tool… Saves so much time and money for people. Its a top notch home inventory software that every householder must have.”

M. Jewett of JaxHomeSpy, LLC

“Insuring and bookkeeping the home inventory have become less time consuming and more effective with Safe Catalog.”

I. Frank of I. G. Design Inc.

“Its the best and affordable for anyone! Write down and insure your household electronics, furniture, equipment or even jewellery items quickly & easily.”

R. Nichols of RalsterMiles, LLC